DVC Project

DVC is an innovative software system for realtime music video production. The software is developed by a group of computer animation and video enthusiasts. The development started in 1999 under the name ProVJ from which the software has evolved into a reliable tool for video production.

The DVC software has been used in over hundred music events and concerts to produce and control the material in the videoscreens. One of the certain highlights of the project was the appearance in the Isle Of MTV -event in Hamburg in 2002 with the DJs Sven Vaeth and Carson Plug. The DVC Project produced four video screens and MTV reserved the fifth screen for their own material.

Today the DVC Project is in active state and we are willing to receive requests to produce video screen installations in any type of music event. Please, use the main page's contact-link to send further questions.


Juha Vesanen
Founder, DVC software development, video material production, VJing

Ville Hurmalainen
Co-founder, VJing